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The following Cookies Policy provides you with information regarding the use of cookies on our website (platform) as well as how to manage your preferences by enabling or disabling them. This Cookies Policy also includes information on the types of cookies being used, their purpose and their duration. Should you have any further questions on this matter, please consult our Privacy Policy (link), also available on our website.

  1. Definition of a cookie or What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files with information, which are automatically stored on your device or terminal when you visit a website. Certain Cookies are usually indispensable to the function of the website. They can also facilitate and improve your browsing experience by “remembering” your language and currency preferences, the products you have added to your cart, etc. In addition, Cookies may allow the website to collect personalized information and provide advertising accordingly. Cookies cannot cause any sort of damage whatsoever to your device. The use of the term “Cookies” shall cover every similar tracking technology such as flash cookie, web beacons or bugs, and pixels.

Some Cookies are stored only during your browsing session, so that after closing your browser they are deleted (session or temporary Cookies). Other cookies remain stored on your terminal device in order to recognize your browser every time you visit the website. For example, you avoid having to reenter your password on your next visit (persistent or permanent Cookies).

  1. Classification of cookies or what type of cookies are there?

In relation to their purpose, Cookies are classified as follows:

Technical or necessary cookies: These Cookies are stored on your device by default when you visit a website. Technical cookies are absolutely essential to the sound function of the website, ensuring efficient, safe and undisruptive navigation. For example, technical Cookies are used to complete an application form for registration to services (e.g., e-shop or newsletter), or to complete a purchase and conclude the payment process. These Cookies cannot be deactivated, as this would affect the display and performance of the website. This is why your previous consent in not required for the use of technical Cookies.

  • Functional cookies: These Cookies adjust navigation according to a variety of criteria, such as region of access, language, currency preferences, etc., adapting the browsing experience to your characteristics. Functional cookies are not used by default, however rejecting them may affect the functionality and performance of the website.


  • Analytics cookies: These Cookies provide the website with statistical information, by measuring the number of visitors to it and their preferences during navigation, in order to improve quality and the overall browsing experience. This information is accessible in aggregated form, with no access to personalized data, such as your terminal device’s IP address.


  • Profiling or behavioral cookies: These cookies store information on identification and behavioral data, following your preferences during navigation (e.g., sections of the website that you visit and display for longer, products that you place in the cart or purchase), enabling the website or third parties to form a personalized profile according to your browsing habits. This presents you with personalized content and you receive targeted advertising adjusted to your likings. The use of profiling Cookies requires your prior explicit and informed consent, which can be withdrawn at any time.

Cookies are stored on your terminal device either by the server that hosts the website (first-part Cookies) or by other websites, domains or advertising partners (third-part Cookies)

  1. Cookies that we use

We use technical, functional, analytics and behavioral cookies, as demonstrated below.

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  1. Managing Cookies from your browser

With the exception of technical Cookies, accepting all the other types of Cookies is optional and disabled by default. You can adjust your Cookies preferences by using our Cookie banner or the Cookies setting on our website. Should you wish to make the most out of our website, you may consider accepting all Cookies.


Keep in mind that the above information on managing Cookies refers to the current website. If you wish to manage or clear Cookies for any website on your browser consult the following directions:

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  1. Your rights regarding cookies

You can find out more about data processing and your rights regarding the use of cookies on our website here (link to Privacy Policy)